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English Lessons : English Coaching : International Certification : Official TOEIC Test Center : Englischunterricht : Internationalle Zertifikate : Officielle TOEIC Testzentrum

General English : Business English : Contract English : Technical English : Allgemeines Englisch : Geschäftsenglisch : Vertragsenglisch : technisches Englisch

TOEIC Test Center, Hamburg. TOEIC Testzentrum, Hamburg


Hamburg, TOEIC Preparation, TOEIC Vorbereitung


hamburg, TOEIC Exam and Preparation

TOEIC Vorbereitungskurs, hamburg, TOEIC preparation course

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Meet a trainer, discuss your objectives.

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Telephone; 0173 6245452 or 040 20908242

We enjoy meeting people!


We offer:

In-Company English Training.

Business unit English support services.

Internationally recognised TOEIC Testing.

Online TOEIC Test Preparation Courses.

Online English Language level Testing.

Learn to use a Telephone : You can use a Telephone!

But to learn English, you must practice English! With practice you will develop the ability to use your knowledge fluently across all skills; listening, reading, speaking and writing. With practice you will cement your existing knowledge and retain it longer, you will learn new knowledge and you will enjoy the many benefits your new language ability will bring into your life.

Regular English Classes.

Regular contact with English will help you gain more knowledge, will allow you to practice and advance your fluency, will allow English to become a larger part of your daily life and help you remember.

English Courses.

Will allow you to develop your abilities; focus on specific areas of English, focus on a specific weakness, or focus on a departmental area, industry or product.

English Coaching.

For very intensive and personal training of one or two people. The flexibility of this type of training is very high and the focus can be very specific.

English Support.

For English support of personnel during meeting, presentation, negotiations ..etc, in a specific business or departmental area, technical skill or task. English support offers you additional confidence from a native English trainer, who has the additional background experience you require.


Our OnlineEnglish Developments.


Online TOEIC Preparation Course, toeic vorbereitung, preparation au toeic hamburg english level test online english proficiency testing platform


TOEIC Preparation Course.

Online English Placement test platform; listening & reading.

Online English Placement test platform; listening, reading, speaking and writing.

Our Online Blogs.


hamburg Business English Course Online TOEIC Preparation Course, toeic vorbereitung, preparation au toeic

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Hamburg-English & OnlineEnglish


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